We manufacture and supply BOD Incubator for biochemical oxygen demand analysis in laboratory. This equipment is widely used in wastewater treatment, dairies and microbiology research etc. Our range of BOD Incubators comes in different sizes and is made to order to meet specific requirements of our clients. As compared to other models available in India, these cooled incubators provide superior incubation conditions for tissue culture, fungal, cell and bacterial culture. While placing your order to us, please give us how many BOD bottles you want to keep so that machine can be built accordingly. Our BOD incubators are better substitute of imported models and deliver reliable performance at economical price.


The body of BOD Incubator is durably constructed to provide long years of working life. The exterior is made of powder coated painted mild steel; while, inner chamber is made of 304 grades stainless steel. Shelves (trays) are included in the system and provided in 2, 3 or 5 numbers depending upon size of chamber. There is inner door, which is made of unbreakable transparent acrylic sheet or tempered glass. Outer door is insulated and made of powder coated painted MS.

Air circulation

For proper heat transfer, each BOD incubator is fitted with air circulation fans. These fans are responsible for uniform temperature distribution inside chamber.

Heating / cooling

Our BOD Incubators are fitted with powerful heating and cooling arrangements. We use only hermetically sealed CFC free compressor of Kirloskar or Shriram brand. SS tubular air heaters are used for heating purpose.


As temperature range remains low between 5°C to 60°C, these are also called cooled incubators. Temperature is controlled through digital PID controller, which displays values of set temperature and attained temperature inside the chamber.


If your experiment requires light exposure, we can provide fluorescent tube arrangement in BOD Incubator with 0 to 24 hrs X 7 days cyclic ON / OFF timer. Light can be door operated, when door opens, light ON and when door close light OFF.

Technical Specifications

Capacity 3 cu. Ft to 24 cu. Ft.
Working temperature 5°C to 60°C
Controller Accuracy ±0.5°C of set value for Temp
Uniformity ±1°C throughout chamber
Controller Digital PID controller
Sensor Pt-100
Exterior Powder coated painted MS
Interior 304 stainless steel
Inner door Transparent acrylic sheet
Air circulation Motorized blower fans
Shelves (Trays) 2 to 5
Compressor Hermetically sealed CFC free
Optional Cyclic timer 0-24 hours x 7
RS 232 interface
Circular chart recorder
Temperature L/H alarm
IQ/OQ/PQ/DQ certificates
Model Dimensions (mm) Cu. Ft. Liters
PFBOD128 610 x 455 x 410  4.5 cu. ft. 128
PFBOD170 840 x 500 x 410 6 cu. ft. 170
PFBOD285 990 x 580 x 490 10 cu. ft. 285
PFBOD340 1020 x 620 x 520 12 cu. ft. 340

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