Carbon Sulfur Apparatus

Carbon and sulfur apparatus is used to determine carbon and sulphur contents in iron and steel samples in laboratory. These machines usually come in three units glass parts with wooden cabinet, combustion tube furnace and transformer power supply. We are Delhi based Carbon Sulfur Apparatus manufacturers and suppliers. Our machines are reliable, durable and highly safe for working inside laboratory. You can buy these units at industry leading price in India; please email us your query for further information.

Technical Specifications

Assembly Wooden frame
Glass parts sulphur cup
sulphur burette 4 ml or 25 ml
coil condenser
one litre reservoir
'l' bend stopcock
three-way stopcock
carbon burette with a range of 4.5% or 1.5% or 0.5%
leveling bottle
gas washing bottle
absorption vessel
dust trap
eye piece
Temperature range 1400°C
Heating element Silicon carbide rods
Thermocouple R Type
Temperature controller PID Temperature controller
Power supply unit 220 Volts Step down transformer
AMP & Volt meter
Temperature controller
Rotary switches
Standard accessories Combustion tube
Combustion boats
Furnace cabinet Painted MS

Pictures and Videos