Gold Melting Furnace

Gold Melting Furnace is used to melt gold in order to refine gold prior making ornaments. Melting gold helps separating gold from black sand, dust, rags and other unwanted materials present. This gold furnace heats gold at its melting point which is 1064°C. In addition, it is also used to melt silver. It is one of useful instruments for jewelry makers and available in various capacities depending upon their use.

Gold melting furnaces made by us are capable of heating maximum up to 1200°C, while the working temperature is 1100°C. The standard range is low power consuming units and can melt gold up to 1kg using 220 volts single phase power supply. 2kg gold melting furnace is manufactured on request and it requires 3 phase power supply.

Our gold melting furnace is compact in design and occupies very less space. The whole machine comes in two units; control unit and heating compartment, before using the machine, you need to connect each other. We also prepared an installation video, which guides users how to install and operate a gold melting furnace safely.

Temperature is controlled by digital PID controller, which is responsible for precise heating, housing is made of powder coated MS. These unites are easy and safe to use. These units feature user level maintenance; user can replace heating elements and temperature sensors by simply unscrew the cabinet.

We also supply graphite crucibles and other relevant accessories if required.

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Standard Features

  • Available in 1kg or 2kg capacities
  • Rapid heating
  • User level maintenance
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Compact design


  • Max. Temperature - 1200°C
  • Working Temperature - 1100°C
  • Gold capacity - 1kg
  • Controller - Digital PID controller
  • Housing - Powder coated MS
  • Powder - 220 Volts single phase


  • Graphite crucibles
  • Capacity 2kg

Pictures and Videos