Plant Growth Chamber

Plant Growth Chamber

About Plant Growth Chamber

Plant growth chambers are specially designed and constructed to perform plant tissue culture research inside laboratory. With a combination of light and humidity, these growth chambers create an artificial environment suitable for plant growth studies.

PlusFurnace™ Plant Growth Chamber

Under PlusFurnace™ brand, we manufacture and supply plant growth chambers or plant tissue culture chambers in various sizes and configurations. These equipment efficiently fulfills the demand of stable environment for plant breeding by easy program settings related to light, humidity and temperature.

It is our over 30 years of work experience which makes us confident to design and manufacture plant growth chamber of your choice, if you have any specific size, design configuration, accessory to add on, please discuss with our engineering team. We supply our growth chamber at factory price in India and overseas market.


Our plant growth chambers are designed for long service life. For durable construction, we use thick mild steel sheet, which is powder coated and painted, which keeps outside contamination away from entering into the chamber. This interior chamber, where plants are kept inside should be nicely built; therefore, we use 304 grade stainless steel sheet. This stainless steel sheet features corrosion resistant surface, while it is easy to wipe and clean. These are double walled chambers and polyurethane foam is used as insulation material to prevent thermal loss.


As lighting is an essential part of plant growth experiments, we equip our plant growth chambers with efficient lighting arrangements; for this, light tubes are fitted on left and right sides of the inner chamber. These lights are controlled through 24 hour cycle timer (day & light). Lights are easily replaceable at user level.

Humidity System

Humidity generation arrangement is fitted at the bottom of the chamber, it comprises of a water reservoir, immersion heaters and water level monitoring device. Inlet and outlet pipes are fitted at back side of the unit. User can adjust humidity level between 55% to 95% RH using digital humidity controller fitted at control panel. It is recommended to use only purified water to avoid any contamination.


Using digital PID controller, user can adjust temperature range between 5 to 50°C with ±1°C accuracy. Temperature is uniformly distributed through air circulation fans fitted inside the chamber.

Control Panel

At top of unit, control panel is designed; where, all control switches, controller and other arrangements are fitted. Mains on/off switch, temperature and humidity controllers, light timer and provision to printer attachment are available in this control panel.


In order to meet diverse needs of customers, our plant growth chambers are constructed in different design configurations and capacities. These machines are available in 100 liters to large size up to 1000 liters or more as required, large sizes are constructed in double chamber design.


There are number of optional accessories that are useful to make a tissue culture growth chamber working more comfortable such as RS 232 port for printer interface, door open/close alarm, water level alarm, data logger for data storage and caster wheels etc.

Technical Specifications

Construction Double walled with Poly Urethane (PUF) insulation
Exterior MS powder coated
Inner chamber 304 grades stainless steel
Door Insulated door with lock and key arrangement
Temperature Range: 5°C to 50°C
Temperature Controller Microprocessor based PID controller
Temperature Sensor PT 100 (Imported, Germany make)
Humidity Range: 55% to 95% RH
Steam Injection Stainless steel water reservoir with heater and insulator and water level monitor
Cooling CFC free ISI marked hermetically sealed compressor
Heating “U” shaped Nichrome Wire heater
Air Circulation Flange motor with impeller / Blower
Chamber Illumination Fluorescent light with door switch
Shelves (Trays) Stainless steel wire mesh
Safety High temperature cut-off
Low water level alarm
Optional IQ ,OQ and PQ documentation
Password based access control
Observation window
Circulator chart recorder
Printer interface
PLC HMI controller
Mobile Alert system
Caster wheels with lock

Plant Growth Chamber Video